Concert Staging, Inc. offers a wide range of staging services including packaging sound and lighting systems.

Staging & Stage Covers
We have various types to meet your show needs. Sun Shade to Rain Roof covers. Our Stages consist of 4'x10' platforms framed with 2x6s covered with 3/4 inch plywood. The platforms are supported with steel legged scaffolding and aluminum I-beams. Stage Covers: Load Bearing Roofs: 40' x 42'; Non-Load Bearing Roofs: 40' x 20', 40' x 30' ,40' x 40' .

Staging staging staging stage cover stage cover


barricade barricade

Providing an innovative approach to crowd management / vehicle control .

Smooth, Quick transitions.
Rodeo rodeo

At the Dixie National Rodeo, going from calf roping to a live stage performance in 8 minutes was easy. From live stage performance to bucking horses in 4 minutes, even easier.... thanks to our 40' x 22' "Suspended Stage."

Mixing Platforms
Mix Platforms

We can customize to fit your needs and cover them with our assortment of tents.

Audio Fly Bays
We have the right rigging for your needs! Spans of 8 feet or 10 feet, capable of holding 5,000 pounds.
Audio Fly Bays Audio Fly Bays